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For those of you a little further down the production line than I am, can you please assist with the chronological sequence of events. I also have a question on some of the codes if anyone can assist with what they may mean.

So far I have placed my final order (01/10/08) with the dealer and have received an order #. From the BMW dealer system I have a print out of the order details and it says the status is confirmed and all the specs are correct (as ordered, even though I changed a few bits right at the end, such as taking Sedona - hope I made the right choice as I'm having second thoughts)

I see you guys in the States talk of a Production #, do you know if this is the same as an order number or is this the stage before getting a production #? In SA, I use the order # to track on OC, although when I access OC it says there are currently no details to track (could be that the system is still being updated).

I had a call from the Dealer Principal yesterday saying that the car is in status 11 (presume this is the same as 111?) and that in a few days Germany will schedule for production and will then give a chassis number/VIN. On the print out I got from the dealer, they show a planned date for status JC as 1 Feb and RFI ("Ready for Invoicing") i.e. when I can collect as 9 April.

My full schedule is:
JC 02/01
MJ 02/04
PS 02/06 (Paint Shop?)
BS 02/05 (Body Shop? hopefuly not :bs
VP 02/07
FL 02/08
PE 02/11
IH 02/13
SL 02/20
EH 03/14
VDC 03/25
DD 04/08
WE 04/08
RFI 04/09 (Ready For Invoicing )

Does this order of events seem the same for those of you who are already in production? We also do not seem to have a toll free number here, for me to call as you guys seem to have.
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