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Hi guys-
Does anyone have any advice? My vehicle staus in the OC and the 800 number has been "awaiting transport" for 3 weeks now. Yesterday my CA said the last info he could find was as of 02-21, also showing that my car is awaiting a shipment.
Per Harold's excellent tracking guide, I am looking at the site, and have used Port Hueneme as the Export Ship Information in my search. I changed the "ETS from" date to 02-21 since that's the last date anyone seems to know. The "ETS to" date I left at 03-29.
I am assuming ETS means "estimated time of shipment?"
When I do this, I get a table with results for 5 NYKLine ships.
My best guess, then, is that ETA means "estimated time of arrival?" If so, does this mean when they think the ship will get to Port Hueneme?
If this is the case, it would appear the next possible ship won't even get to the west coat until 03-22, the next after that not until 04-02. Bummer.
Could someone verify if I am reading this info correctly?