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Originally Posted by Frank@PSI View Post
Thanks for the repost, that's us!
I want one and am sending a PM to get total price with shipping to Chile.

Just to make sure; we are talking about the 1M ic that was highlighted in this earlier post of a member here, aren't we?

"Papi: just keep in mind if you go with the Forge, def specify the 1M! They have a different version for the 1M which sadly is a bit more pricey than their N54 generic one, you want the former for no cutting/trimming, if you get the N54 'generic' you'll need to do some trimming. I'm heavily leaning towards Forge given the reviews and seeing its fabrication/craftsmanship, all others that require no cutting seem to scream a bit of Made in China to me... Let me know if it is something you wanna do soon, maybe we can bundle an order and get better pricing."