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I used to upshift without the clutch in my RX-8 occasionally after reading about that and it was surprisingly easy. I never dared to to downshifts that way. In the RX-8, the shifter would easily pop out of gear with gentle input once I lifted off the throttle and would then pop right into the next gear as soon as the revs had fallen enough to match. It was pretty cool. I played around with it in normal driving, but never on the track and never accelerating fully. That is also a low torque car.

I think you would be begging to break something in the 1M if you did it under hard acceleration. I haven't tried it in the 1M because the shifter seems to ask for a little more precision, especially on the 1-2. I have also had about 3 occasions where 3rd gear ground on me, apparently from lifting the clutch a slit second too soon, before the gears were fully engaged. The funny thing is that it has never happened when shifting fast or accelerating fast, always when I am driving slowly and just being smooth (or not!)

Ayrton Senna (God bless him) didn't have to pay for anything he broke!