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Originally Posted by nachob View Post
Porsche is the last hope. I agree. They heard their customers and brought the manual only GT4 to the market. Now I hear that they will bring back the NA motor for the GT4 since the turbo versions have been a bit controversial. So I respect that Porsche seems to put some emphasis on those subjective things that car guys love. The problem with Porsche is just the outright cost. You have to go to a two seat Cayman or 911 which means if you have kids you still need another car.

We live in San Diego, the 8th largest city in the US and there are only two Porsche dealers in 4500 square mile sized county with 3.3 million people! They are 27 miles apart which by the time you factor traffic are realistically one hour apart. Then you can't even buy one of the cooler models unless you have been buying a new 100K porsche every two years.

With all that said, Porsche is the last of the German manufacturers that cares. BMW has moved on and away from the guys that were decrying the bloated tech-saturated cars. We are but a little tick in the side of a huge body that they are waiting for it to just sluff off and die so they can replace the steering wheel with an tablet slide controller and the windshield with an LCD display showing full digital movies of your choice when you decide that using the slide controller is too much effort and you want to enable auto pilot.
Porsche’s are generally very reliable. My recommendation would be to get a 2005-2009 911. They are very reasonably priced and still have hydraulic steering. I wouldn’t worry so much about a Porsche dealer....I go to an Indy shop because they have 30+ years working on Porsche and much less expensive for service. Win win. Same thing I did for the 135is. Local Porsche dealer wants almost $700 for an oil change on the Boxster. I pay $260 to the independent guy. He uses Porsche approved oil etc and follows the service manual,