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Originally Posted by iDontRemember View Post
Very Cool Guy chiming in,,,

Iíve owned a few WRXs, a beloved 01 Impreza RS, a Ď69 Datsun 510, and the 1st car I ever fell in love with was a Ď65 Corvair Corsa. I loved all those cars for different reasons, some style, some handling, some because I built them from the ground up, then I bought a 1M.

I really love this car, every time I talk with Nacho i'm telling him how great it is. Handle great right out of the box, plenty of power for a street car (enough to scare me sometimes, 295 PS4s in the rear and it's more than happy to spin 'em in 3rd gear), sounds good, super comfortable seats (my first time driving it was 1800 miles from Canada back to Florida and I felt pretty decent for that kinda seat time), fit and finish are great too. Mine has all the things I wanted in a car; Manual trans, short ratio steering, LSD, RWD, black interior, no sunroof and manual seats (as a bonus, mine is Canadian so there are not TPMS sensors to replace, it works via wheel speed instead). The ONLY option mine has is heated seats - which was actually the only one I was interested in because my wife likes them in the winter.

It's not an exotic, it's not super flashy or fancy and doesn't have bells and whistles, There's no giant wing, no Brembo brakes (yet), and the only computer control is the traction control - which, as Nacho pointed outl is always doing it's thing (and if it wasn't this shit would be sideways all the time) it's not a good car if you're looking for attention as most people - even car people - won't really know what it is being that its badging is pretty subtle. Most people ask me if it's an M3... 135i owners will know though and you will be able to impress the hell out of them if that's your thing

I've driven and worked on enough GR STIs that it's not even a question as to which i'd choose. I realize that's not the question, but i'd sell 'em both, if I was you, and get a couple 1Ms

P.S. if you decide to import one, it's much less complex than it appears.

Hello there, it seems like we live close to each other as I see your location as NW Florida haha. I'm kinda of Northeast. Anyway, please understand if I'm too newbie here, but why would you import if there are 1Ms in the states?

Regarding selling both cars and getting couple 1Ms, I wish I could financially haha. I can keep M3 and 1M financially, but I kinda don't want to own 2 BMWs. GR STI is a great car for me man haha.