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Originally Posted by E30 Racer View Post
The local dealer wanted $5k over. Found an allocation at another about an hour away, and was ecstatic. I committed to the purchase, signed the forms, exchanged the emails, and they took my deposit over the phone.

45 min later I get a call saying another salesman had already committed the allocation to someone else, they just hadn't signed anything yet. I strongly suspect BS, and am pretty sure the used my commitment to squeeze a "market adjustment" from the other buyer.

I ended up calling 62 dealerships before finding my allocation. Ended up buying the car from a Idaho Falls at MSRP (I live in OH), picked it up at the Performance Delivery Center (highly recommended), and drove it home.

Still have the car today, and doubt I'll ever sell it.

A roller coaster ride for sure!
OP your question about markup doesn't even paint a full picture. Many of us worked for weeks and months to get allocations. I personally contacted over 100 dealers put down three deposits that I had to get refunded when they backed out. It was the craziest and worse buying experience of my life. I had waited two years for 1M from first rumor to production and had my name on first one. Dealer backed out when 1M came around because I didn't put deposit even though I tried and they told me I didn't need deposit because I was a good customer. Eventually they granted me the 2nd allocation after months of going back and forth and a friend that worked for them speaking to the sales manager and paying over MSRP. For many of us it was a lot of work so when I sold mine with 14k miles and listed it less than any in the country I was annoyed when many that didn't live that tell me I was asking more than MSRP. For many of us it was more than just MSRP there was a lot of aggravation and effort on top of it.