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Originally Posted by ///Metak View Post
Yeah, I know. The problem is, then the production date doesn't make sense. I am still trying to figure out the sequence of production outside of NA, and currently people are worried about giving the last 5 digits of their VIN.

The North American sequence has been consistent so far...(75xxx-76xxx) I am just keeping the outside NA VIN's at the bottom so they don't get lost in the mix until I figure it out.
I see what you mean..

taking anothe look, maybe BMW said today( or this week) we make 1M's and then there were alot done, and then they go back to regular e82's. Then the gap in #'s would make sense. ??? just a though..

Any way,, good job... Good Luck... If this all works out It willbe a sticky for life anyway
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