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Originally Posted by cozza View Post
I actually found out about this by accident. I followed a girl in her 135i convertible because I wanted to complement her on her 19" CSL rims. She said to me "Hear that ticking noise? Get it fixed. I got mine fixed. It's something to do with air in 'somewhere' and they need to bleed it out".

So, I went into my dealer and got it fixed. Easy.

Do not perform the bleeding procedure that was previously provided in SI B11 09 07 which has now been deleted.
According the service bulletin, the bleed procedure should have been discontinued at all bmw dealers (but it appears they are still trying to not attack the real issue and playing games.)

The bleed is a band aid temporary fix but not a solution. the Intermittent hydraulic valve adjuster and lifters are defective and can cause excessive wear and tear inside your engine if you do not have BMW replace with the improved parts. The ticking and clicking is actually metal rubbing on metal and also not lubing the top half of your engine correctly... This SHOULD be a major recall from BMW, but it appears that they dont want to be out several million dollars for their own faulty part.