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Thanks for the discussion...
Still looking for responses to the question
Disclaimer: I came from an Evo 8 with 3 different suspension setups at some point...Tein S-techs, Race-engineering swift springs and fully coilovers

I thought the stock m-sport suspension was ok until I got the Performance suspension. Stock is probably pretty good for the average person but I wanted more. BMWP is night and day from stock and I've had no complaints from any of my passengers that have experienced before and after. They say the new setup is better and I completely agree. The same bump spots on the road that would make me endo are no more. I think its more comfortable than stock.

It definitely passes the gf test. I'm not saying its the best suspension setup but its hell of a lot better than stock. Fyi I'm running the 28mm m3 front bar and 18x8.5/9.5 rims with 225/255.

hope this helps