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Originally Posted by DwightSchrute View Post
How anal is the dealership when it comes time to return the car from lease on the OEM tire setup? My SA mentioned how BMW will not accept anything less than BMW-approved RFT upon turn-in. I really do not want to shell out $$ to ensure the Run Flats are in their idea of acceptable tread life.
I own my car, so I didn't have to sweat it...and as you know, every dealer is a little different...but it seems ridiculous to me that they won't accept a better, more expensive tire upon turn-in. That said - I know how BMW is with their "Approved" on how many miles you have on the run-flats now, I guess the only thing you'd be paying for is the mounting and balancing. If you're current run-flats are past the point of "Acceptable" tread wear for turn-in, I would find another dealer who will cooperate, or just stick with the run-flats I guess. What a bummer...
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