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Originally Posted by sbce90 View Post
So rob seeing as you're in expert and know people in the trade who fix up scratches and bumps? Is it time you finally fixed my rear bumper which you damaged? Not to mention the diffuser as well. Would you like me to go and get another picture for you when it is dry or do you remember what your damage looks like?
I didn't say I was the expert MR CHOWDHURY I stated that mobile repairers can never match the quality and finish of repair job done in an actual paint booth with all the required equipment and tools. However if you would stop bitching I would supply you the contact of my guy who is excellent and his renowned to be the best in Sydney when it comes to on the spot repairs whether it be at your home or office.

I damaged your rear bumper??? That's news I didn't know that so would you likely me to refer you my guy?

Must be hard parking too much Sujoy to damage your rear bumper aye? Picking up too many girls lately after a night out drinking is not good mate.

Diffuser - I thought it was some cheap Chinese plastic that can be bought off the shelf if I can recall

Don't waste your phone battery on a false claim/accusation or some legal action will take place within reasons.

Are you sure it wasn't Jeef who damaged your shit? Well we can kind of blame him since seeing the damage he made above.

Ps. Don't worry Sujoy Chowdhury I'm currently booking you in for some driving lessons where they will show you how to park.


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