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Originally Posted by gazz View Post
Agree. I wonder if given the choice, say if a drone was an optional extra with the car, how many would happily would take it? "Would sir like the optional drone? It is tuned to highway cruising speed." "Oh yes please."

Look forward to your results. Mine seems to fall into the annoying category with a drone zone in 6th around the 2100 - 2400 rpm range most prominent.

It amazes me that those without a 1M feel qualified to comment on this issue. Some drones are tolerable whilst others are just plain irritating. I've had plenty of cars and bikes with modified exhausts; some droned some didn't. The 1M is a great car and does all I expected of it however the drone is inexcusable for the simple reasons that it is annoyingly intrusive and more importantly, this is a BMW. Not some amateur home built effort. Why the engineers, with all of the resources of BMW, couldn't refine this exhaust to eliminate a drone is a question worth an answer.