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Originally Posted by jphughan View Post
Bumping this thread since I'm now interested in this for my E92 M3. I found this while reading about being able to re-enable the no-dazzle high beam assistant on F Series cars, and while I know this isn't as cool as that, I'm still intrigued. I don't have any of the "decoding" items in my VO, but I don't believe my lights behave in AHL2 mode. I wonder if maybe enabling AHL2 on US cars involves an alternate software flash in addition to basic coding, kind of like Euro DCT or Alpina transmission software? Otherwise I'm surprised that how to do this hasn't become public knowledge yet.
I don't believe there is any kind of alternate software you will need for the flash. I think it may run along the lines of editing the VO to remove the "variable light distribution disable" line item for American cars and then enabling the option inside of the FRM module. Hell, it may be as easy as just adding the variable w/NCS and calling it a day, but I haven't had time to mess with it.

It is funny, though, how this option hasn't proliferated the American market.

I can say that the no-dazzle high beam and the dynamic lights are not interdependent on one another.