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Originally Posted by 519.E82 View Post
Can't say from personal experience because not a 1M owner, but the only cars I see M owners tend to be happy with after is high end P cars.
Although I only had a tuned 135is, the only thing that got me was a Porsche, well, two.

My Corvette really isnít a replacement. While itís awesome, itís too soft in some spots and not very twitchy (if thatís a thing). It has gobs more power and is downright brutal in a straight line. But our 718 is the right size, drives small, goes right where you want and has the balance of a ballerina. I do miss the sound of the N55, but the 718 sounds great on its own especially with the sport exhaust, which I feel is a must have. We have a six speed manual and itís very fun to drive.