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Originally Posted by Genieman View Post
I think you're both giving too much credit to your respective favorite candidates for economic conditions under their presidencies. Obama inherited an economy in the midst of the economic collapse in 2008. It had no where to go but up. His fed (more to their credit than his own) lowered rates, spurring investment and growth and the economy recovered. To his credit he didn't do anything to stop the recovery. Trump inherited a growing economy, did a few things that boosted growth to a slightly higher rate, but to his credit he (and counter to the dem's pre-election apocalyptic warnings) did not cause it to reverse or collapse.

Both of them grew the economy at the expense of an ever growing debt burden. Everyone uses GDP as a measure of economic success, but it's a faulty measure. GDP is like your annual salary. 100k a year is great, and 200k a year is even better all else being equal, but if you have a million in debt at 100k a year salary and then grow it to 2 million in debt at 200k a year, that's not "better." Net worth is a much better measure because it takes earnings, spending, and debt accumulation into account. Unfortunately, there is no publicized national economic metric that corresponds to net worth or wealth.
Agreed. And you must have started this before I posted my edit at the bottom re: not giving presidents a lot of credit/blame for the economy...