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Originally Posted by MKSixer View Post

He writes hit pieces against Mr. Trump. Read the rest of his writings.

We agree somewhat on the credit but the creeping regulatory strangulation had a negative effect on the economy. Everyone who isn't a Trump hater recognizes that the economy is doing better under Mr. Trump. We are at, effectively, full employment. The lowest rates in 51 years. Why is everyone trying to talk down the economy.

So are you saying you think the numbers in the article/graphs are wrong?

I'm not talking down the economy, I'm basically saying this:

1. The economy was good and improving before trump took office.

2. The current state of the economy is due to a large number of factors, and any contribution personally made by any president is fairly minimal.

3. Any argument that we should ignore or excuse a politicians moral, ethical, or legal failings because the economy is "doing good", is a poor argument.