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Originally Posted by cjb762 View Post
I agree with this statement. But trump bears as much responsibility for it as the democrats. He doesn't want to work with people. He is a divisive personality.

As for the unemployment, wages, economy, etc., those weren't trumps doing. The economy turned around under obama, and it has continued on essentially the same trajectory under trump. Also, the economy makes absolutely no difference in this equation. He doesn't get a pass for being a piece of shit because the economy is doing ok.

As for demeaning the government, i have read no end of posts on this forum from conservatives who are convinced the government is a bunch of deep state liberals who are hell bent on destroying the country. Ridiculous. Like, flat earth ridiculous.
The Democrats have been so eager to help fix immigration. Notice how much legislation they are working on behalf of the american people...Wait..they aren't 189 investigations on trump and his family for the past 2.5 years on how many times any of them get up in the middle of the night to pee. Going and harassing trump family when they go out to eat. What are folks like you gonna' do when CNN goes out of business. They are in business bc of liberal donors. Good luck to you.