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Same issue that my 2008 has had for several years now. I raised the issue of the top TSB at the final warranty service, but the car had so many other problems I had to let it go. Car has been a secondary, and currently has 55k miles on it. Despite being garaged for most of its life, the inner and outer layers of the top have completely separated. The tops on these cars are complete and utter garbage, and the replacement cost through the dealer is about half the value of the car. Looking for a local upholstery shop that can offer some options, or will attempt to repair myself.

Just another disappointing saga with a car I still love to drive, but came with the worst ownership experience imaginable. At least I don't have to fight with our local monopoly dealer anymore...
I currently have the same issue. I went to a local upholstery shop today and the owner told me i would need a new top because there is alot of tension on the top at the rear glass.