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Originally Posted by Ilma View Post

When you use terms like "de-stress" the engine I get the distinct feeling you have no idea what that really means. All BMW has revealed thus far is that there are tighter internal tolernaces.

So what does that mean exactly?

Less clearance between the piston and cylinder wall?
Smaller ring gap so that less combustion blows by?
Tighter spacing on the crankshaft bearing?
Did they polish and port the valves?

If you use some logic and stop repeating the mysterious marketing, the additional cooling components are probably the primary reason they can produce a bit more horsepower via software changes and still have a reliable warranty.

More power = more heat >>>> needs better cooling, which they have done already in their performance kit via a secondary radiator and a more powerful fan.

Blueprinting an engine to tighter tolerances may free up some revs, but I don't see the redline being any higher in the 1M than the 135i.

If you know so much about the engineering side then please do share.....otherwise you are just throwing out ambiguous terms to puff yourself up.

Isn't it possible to change motor compression with a change in head gasket thickness? Isn't it possible to change compression by using parts with higher tolerances (reduced variance from standard) such as valves, pistons? Isn't it possible to increase rpm or provide less stress on the valvetrain by increasing valve spring rates?

It seems to me that you listed several methods for improving the build quality and power potential with the minor changes to internal engine components. Isn't it possible to reduce exhaust gas temperature readings by changing the tune? For example leaning out or richening a cylinder? I am curious to see how much boost is changed, but it does seem to me that a fair amount of power can be made by improving the components used in the build, which then of course then increases the potential once the boost is dialed up. I'm curious to see what boost changes were made.
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