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I fail to see an actual question, since you've answered yourself nicely.

We don't know what BMW has done yet, they have not released that information, but the N54 went through M engineers hands & I highly doubt they left the engine bay alone, given the massive intake.

Anything you can do outside of internals to assist the VE of an engine, is destressing it. (Internally there is as well... but perhaps not in the 1M's application/time frame) So the engine itself, doesn't have to work harder for the added power. (ie: larger FMIC, better cooling, better intake, better exhaust, more effecient turbos/design, etc). Example: de-stressing can be something as simple as exotic metal for springs, that isn't a cost/performance solution for a regular production car.

So.... (yawn...)

Everyone know what the N54 is capable of, but just like the BMW performance upgrade, there needs to be secondary components, that can assist the N54 to handle those levels of sustained output. More so in the 1M, since this is a motosport application.

If u look at the focus of this car and read what Dr Kay Segler is saying, then we know for sure that BMW has re-engineered the N54 for more VE. It's a logical conclusion, since we know BMW didn't design a new engine, then it means they took an existing one and studied on how to make it better..? I bet the worked the plumbing too.. it's all about VE bro.

I suspect you know what "destressing" is/was.. but if u didn't, you answered yourself nicely. It isn't an overly hard thing to understand, but it does make a vast difference.

A bigger intake and maybe somewhat less exhaust backpressure (which is hard to do with cats in the way).

Sure, I guess you can call that de-stressing by improving volumetric efficiency since the engine is just an air pump anyways.

But once again, it's obscure marketing terminology.

Most aftermarket intakes/exhaust allow the turbos to boost more easily by reducing drag on the airflow.

Is that de-stressing?

Well yes.

Except for the fact that adding more air adds also adds more fuel which then has the unfortunate side effect of creating more power.

And that then creates more stress on the engine. So how is that de-stressful?

I guess it depends on how you look at it.

Which is what i don't like about the use of that term......"de-stressing" it can be quite misleading when used in isolation to look at only one side of the VE equation.

And if adding a bigger intake and exhaust is considered a feat of engineering....well there sure are a lot of engineers on this forum.

In any case, I don't think they have done anything radically significant to the N54 engine to make another 30-40 horsepower. Looks like another implementation of the power kit with the oveboost that comes from the IS platform.....just add in a lot of marketing hype.

In any case you have answered my question which you don't think was a question at all.

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We don't know what BMW has done yet, they have not released that information,