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Originally Posted by luster
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Well I am a "rude little kid after all"
Big fella,

Kenny explained an investment principle in easy to follow language and you try to call him out on it. It's fact. You dont lose on something until you sell it. (unless you are highly leveraged and run your investments on margin or are highly leveraged ).

Shares can lose all value, fact.
Property will always have a value, fact.

Don't bother continuing with your disrespectful behaviour and think you will make friends on here. We are a very small community, and picking on one of the most respected members isn't a good move.

So stfu and go play in traffic.
Lusty before you embarrass your self any further you might want to see a financial advisor and find out some basic investment principals.

Like I said blondy's car posts are rather informative but investment advice is clearly not his (nor yours for that matter) forte.

Flame me all you like but that is the FACTS