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Originally Posted by Tycho View Post
I was planning on going with the Hartge diffuser + quad exhaust setup, but when i talked to my exhaust guy, he told he it would be a 400$-500$ i bailed . When you do install it, can you take pictures of the under tray so we can see how the exhaust is setup, thanks!
Hi Tycho. On Friday the exhaust shop custom-fabricated an axle back system for me. Looks great. However, the diffuser needed a slight modification of the tabs that allow it to slot into the bumper. I have taken pics of it all (exhaust, mod to the diffuser etc) and will post them up as soon as I get to my desktop. Btw, my custom axle-back cos tme $1,100 fitted. And when you compare it to Inside-performace etc, that is cheap. And because its custom, I got them to do exactly what I wanted in terms of muffler, piping layout, tip diameter and style, etc. so to me it was worth it.

In all honesty, the mod to the diffuser is actually simple, but will require you to be handy with epoxy and a scissor and a ratchet driver. On test fit it looks fantastic! in any case, the exhaust shop couldn't mod the diffuser for me so they rebolted my stock exhaust and diffuser on and now that I've modded it, I will take it back to get the exhaust bolted. Once on I will take pics too and post those up. That should happen around Tues/Wed.