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Originally Posted by ozinaldo View Post
Was my exact idea to go with N55 mids. I added the N55 mids for extra benefits like hp/tq, response and drone and I think the combination works beautifully. Since I installed them at the same time I can't tell for sure though. The sound characteristic of SS or Evolve is un-altered in my case just a tad better, deeper and growling, this is my best guess. I wouldn't call it much louder than just the SS rear exhaust. Have a friend, fellow member Morgan here, he has just the Evolve rear with OE mids and we will meet soon to check how they sound in comparison, can report you back.
Tnx, it would be perfect
I like the caracteristics of the n55 mids, so I just don't want to have a vary loud exhaust to destroy my ears) I have this car for a DD... Hope the n55 mids get just deeper voice)
Do you have a bad smell from the exhaust or some other issues?