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Megan Racing Quad Exhaust

Here are some prototype pictures of Megan Racings new quad exhaust for the 135i. These pictures are all just mockup/test fit/prototype pieces. They mocked up this piece so they can use it to make a jig to mass produce the exhaust. There will be some changes to it. They basically just took what they had laying around (pipe, tips, muffler, etc) and welded it together to fit my car. This is not what the final version will look like but I thought I would post pictures to show you guys that it is in the works. They also said there is the possibilty of producing a diffuser to go along with this exhaust. They asked me to ask everyone on the style of tips you are looking for. Double wall stainless, titanium single wall burnt, or plain chrome single wall? Ill will give them some feedback on what the community wants. The muffler right now is a single in dual out style but I am trying to convince them to do a dual in dial out style. Any feedback from people would be great. PLEASE UNDERSTAND, that the welds will be perfect, it will fit really well, and everything will be even on the production model. Now on to the pictures!


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