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Updating this for any one who is interested:

Installed the UUC rear bar. Took about 3 hours, was easier than I remember it being.

Went to Willow Springs this past weekend, and with the bar set to it's softer setting the car is delightful to drive. Seriously. This is how a rear-wheel drive car is supposed to feel. Nice and throttle adjustable, understeer all but vanquished.

For context, I picked up 10 MPH of cornering speed (that's not a typo) through T2 at Big Willow because the car no longer understeers it's front tires to death through the entire corner. I tried all sorts of different lines:

- Outside line with late apex
- An "In-Out-In" line
- The middle of the road line

Any way I tried it, the car handled beautifully. Only managed to pick up 2 seconds of lap time because I was contesting with traffic. It's very annoying when McLaren drivers with egos won't let you pass and block the track. I'm guessing once I dialed the car in, I could have run a 1:32-33 at Big Willow.

Even more annoying is cording another fucking tire in the second session, ending my day. This is the second set of Nexens I've corded the outside edge of on the rear tires. Even with rear camber at -2.3. Moving on. These tires are fast, but absolute junk and cannot handle limit driving.
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