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Originally Posted by bionicbelly View Post
Damn. That is impressive. Very impressive. Thanks for the update.

Just because I am lazy, can you remind us of your current spring/sway bar set up? Obviously, the UUC rear bar, but what is the front?

- TCK S/A shocks
- 336F/700R springs
- OEM 135i front bar shimmed, with modified bushings to fix binding.
- UUC rear bar


Front: -3.3* camber, 0 toe, 7* caster
Rear: -2.3* camber, 1/8" total toe-in

Until I ran the Nexens, I actually had rear camber set at -1.7 and had literally perfect rear tire wear. Corded a pair of SUR4 in 1.5 track days with this setup. Changed it to -2.3*, which is the maximum you can get out the stock arms, and got 2.25 track days on a new set before cording the outside edge, again.

I've run some fast lap times on the Nexens, but the astronomical cost of having to junk two sets of them within 4 events, is too much to handle.

Also, just bought a front BBK for the car, and I'm super duper broke now, so I'm taking a forced respite from track days for a bit.
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