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Damn. That is impressive. Very impressive. Thanks for the update.

Just because I am lazy, can you remind us of your current spring/sway bar set up? Obviously, the UUC rear bar, but what is the front?

- TCK S/A shocks
- 336F/700R springs
- OEM 135i front bar shimmed, with modified bushings to fix binding.
- UUC rear bar


Front: -3.3* camber, 0 toe, 7* caster
Rear: -2.3* camber, 1/8" total toe-in

Until I ran the Nexens, I actually had rear camber set at -1.7 and had literally perfect rear tire wear. Corded a pair of SUR4 in 1.5 track days with this setup. Changed it to -2.3*, which is the maximum you can get out the stock arms, and got 2.25 track days on a new set before cording the outside edge, again.

I've run some fast lap times on the Nexens, but the astronomical cost of having to junk two sets of them within 4 events, is too much to handle.

Also, just bought a front BBK for the car, and I'm super duper broke now, so I'm taking a forced respite from track days for a bit.
try the Hankook RS4s. i have them on my daily A3 that sees some track time. they are pretty good and around the same price. the a3 suffers from no camber and the rs4s have held up great. no excessive outside wear at all