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Last year, I ran (at intermediate level) Cool Carbon's with ATE fluid for 5 track days with no real overheating issues, other than the vibrations which seem to plague the CCs. I did fab up some diy brake ducting with some 3" dryer hose directed at the hub, but I didn't do any modification to the shield, so I'm not sure if it really made a difference.

I took the car out for 1 HPDE this year with stock pads on the front with nothing more than OEM ducting, and while I definitely noticed a decrease in braking performance over the CCs, I still had no major issues. I was definitely pushing the car harder than last year too as I shaved off 3 seconds from the last time I was timed at NJMP Lightning. I did notice some fade, but the OEM anti fade system seemed to do the job with keeping the pedal feel pretty good.

I would have to agree that it may have to do with driving style. From experience I know that at the first few track days, most drivers will tend to ride the brakes a little longer and not brake as hard which will actually put more heat into the brakes, than if you waited until the last moment and really got on the brakes hard to enter the corner. Not saying that's what you are doing, but it might be worth it to pay attention to your braking style. It took me a while to get used to braking late. Also, I've never run VIR, so I'm not sure how it is on brakes in general, but that kind of failure on a quality BBK seems out of place.

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