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Originally Posted by DriveHard View Post
Thanks for the offer Josh,

Install per say isint why i wanted whatever instructions they had, more i always like to see / read / look at what im going to be doing in advance. I just never put this brand in before, thats all. I have a full shop at my disposal so install will just be a matter of getting everything together.

My entire car is a compromise between it being leased, tracked, an automatic and a daily driver... But i have a blast with it none the less. I ve done everything that i could within reason, that is all un-doable when i turn it back in. 2.5 Negative will suite me and my RS'3's just fine.. ( i dont have the M3 arms) I expect to except the added sounds coming from the plates without it being overwhelming.. I sent GC an e-mail but got no response ???

Thanks Again..
No problem. Sorry I don't have anything to share that may be of some help. If you get caught up on the install just give us a call and we can try to help walk you through a certain step if you don't hear back from Ground Control. Jack could help clarify anything that trips you up. Don't worry about the noise, it's really not bad at all and it's such an effective modification.