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Originally Posted by Elwood74
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Cool! How are you liking the 1? Plans to track it?
Loving it. Handling on the street is a little more vague then in my old E46, but nowhere near as numb and bloated as the E9x/F30 3 series. So I'm very happy with the direction I chose. Finally found time to get a long drive in yesterday. Very comfortable. Even under break-in (no full throttle + <4k) this thing has gobs more power then necessary. At night, this thing is a torch. Visibility is incredible.

NAV isn't perfect (nothing new there) but over all I actually love idrive, and even better, voice commands.

One of the few negatives is the low fuel economy and small gas tank. I expected the first, forgot about the latter. So range between fill ups is a bit short.

The exhaust is pure sex. Nothing more to say about that.

I'll probably do a few autox's next year to get a handle on the driving characteristics. But by my own rule, daily drivers don't go on track. I have half a SpecE30 build for that duty (was @ NJMP last week instructing).
Thanks for the impressions. Were you with nj chap? Larry E. told me someone there had just picked up an IS, maybe that was you.

I've got to get back to the track. Used to be out there with my mini all the time; never took the zhp. It's time to get going again.

I loved the exhaust on the test drive. Might have been the clincher besides the power, as you mention. I won't have to worry about idrive or nav.

Do the sport seats have adjustable side bolsters similar to the e90 M?

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