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Dang, I didn't say garage queen, Guys! Mine was on track (Nurburgring) the day I picked it up and it's been on tracks (VIR and CMP) since. That plus 6,500 and several speeding tickets say "I'm no garage queen!". But, having seen several wrecked, and several pretty heavily modified, I think alot of these will go the route of E30 M3's with S52 motors. There is a big difference between enjoying a car and butchering one.

Every time I see one on track I kinda wonder how long it can last? I like running disposable cars on track. I think about the last E30 M3 I bought. It was never ever going to be a "money" car because of two replacement fenders.

Drive it, heck drive it hard. Lord knows I do. But it's a different thing to start changing things around.

Just my opinion. But please, if you wanna swap suspension and motors and turbos and intercooler and stuff, have fun! It will just make a stock car look that much better some day!
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