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Originally Posted by Sancs View Post
Hi! I am in the group of the unlucky ones with the block dme.

Can the bmw dealers (official ones) unlock it?? I really want the MHD but im not from USA.

thank you
Since the F series are now Fully OBD flashable, there's a good chance we can port that hack to late E. We'll see in the upcoming weeks.

Originally Posted by Xer0449 View Post
Can somebody chime in on these 2 logs and maybe lend some insight into what's going on? Is my HPFP going to shit? (no codes)
I can't seem to get into full boost on E30 without rail pressure taking a nose dive.
That's simply too much boost (even with this relatively high AFR) for your pump with the PS2 trubo. The only thing you can do is install an upgraded lpfp if you haven't yet.