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We are the manufacturer/distributor of these wheels. Your funds are not being used to cash-flow the business. We don't have wheels to sell until 3~ months after we confirm a new production run. Most of the units are already here (over 2000 in stock), and 600 more are arriving on the 19th.

We usually offer a Group Buy at the end and the beginning of the year. We've done this about two dozen times now for different fitments with great success. Our last Group Buy for the EC-7 had just shy of 90 participants at the end. 15 of those were for 1 series fitments, and none of the other designs (ARC-8 and AERO-7) were included as an option.

Those members waited about 30-60 days to receive product. The last day to join this particular Group Buy is the 21st, and our ETA to get the last of the sets shipped out is the 28th, which is a one week wait due to time needed for QC and possible unforeseen holiday delays.

During every single Group Buy we've hosted in the past, additional participants who do not add their name to the feeler list, end up joining in the last few days. Looking at the total participants who write their name down (not a required step) one week before the Group Buy is over, has never been a good measure of how it will perform. Last year in one group buy we had 30~ members signed on the list, and in the last 48 hours an additional 25 members joined who were not on the feeler list. On average we get an additional 20-30% of members from outside of the feeler list.

This is not a sale. This is a group buy, so the wait of the sign-up period is needed. If we stopped short a week early it would still be good deal for everyone, but this format offers the community the opportunity to reach much higher discounts, that is entirely based on their participation.

Thank you for your understanding,

-Eddy Pintacsi