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interesting to read through all the remarks
I did the Pittsburgh event yesterday and drove
owned multiple M cars and currently M3CS
my least favorite car was the M2C and I wanted to love it as I owned an 18 M2 which I liked for the most part , but did not like the seat position, and felt engine was ok.
M2C felt cheap on the inside and the M performance steering wheel felt huge for the size of the car
the car handled very well , but did not feel special.. I wished they left the engine alone without detuning
the suspension was ok but car felt a little uncoordinated
M5C was my favorite... It drove smaller than the F10 and certainly felt like you are riding a tiger and just wanted to go fast. The steering feel and accuracy were very good
Interior was luxurious and seats as always in M5 were great
M850 was a pleasant surprise, power was v good, sound was great with the roof open, handling was good
other than price at 131 k , I think BMW did a great job on the M850 , with Drive and convertible , it could be the best allover car for all seasons, DD and weekend fun