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I drove the M2C when the tour came through San Diego. Its a really fun car. I liked it. Felt nice and small after living with my F90 for a year.

As a daily it can't beat the M5s speed, luxury, and practicality... but as a weekend car an M2 with a manual would be a great addition.

However, there were four things that disappointed me about the car...

#1 - S55 tuning. It felt slow. I know a lot of cars will feel a little slow after an M5 for a year, but the low end boost felt neutered, I kept waiting for that S55 punch and it came it just took forever. I had an M4 and it seemed a lot more violent. I know it can't be f8x fast because of model tiers but still. It made me sad.

#2 steering. The ratio felt felt off. It took a lot of input on the turns. I know I'm likely in the minority here but I didn't like it. Wish it was more direct.

#3 interior. It's old looking. I know I know it's a drivers car so who cares?! Well, I do. For 60k it can be a lot better.

#4 the rear. I just don't like it. Completely subjective, but it's the worse angle on the car. Love the front, love the hips.

That said I only got 20 min with the car.

What I liked. Size. Sound. DCT. I do miss the DCT even if the ZF8 is good (and it is) but the DCT is a bit more fun when you're on it, just as the ZF is more livable when you're not. And on that same note I miss the big paddle shifters the M2/M4 have, why does BMW insist on stubby little paddles for the new M cars?