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Are you gonna replace your E92 w/ an M2 comp? I know you've been having a hard time finding a car that has a close driving experience to the E9X gen 3 series
I won't be in the market for another 3 years, but the M2 is at the top of my shopping list, with the Boxster close behind. I'll have to take the Giulia for a spin too.

In that time I suspect a redesigned M2 will be out, so that will have to live up to how good this one is!

What are you thinking for your next car? Your stable looks pretty damn good currently lol.
I'm thinking when my lease for the CLS is over I'll see if I like the new M850i Gran Coupe, otherwise I'll likely get another Merc as I'm a big fan of their latest cars (not their suvs though).

My wife is looking to find a good replacement for her 2011 335 and like you she doesn't like many of the new BMW's and how they drive in comparison to hers, but she put 140k miles on the 335 and reliability was starting to go so we sold it. We use the Boxster as a main vehicle right now, but its a lease and were racking up too many miles on it so we need another sedan w/ 4 doors to take on trips and haul our shelties in the back so she's gonna look at an M340i and C43 next month, although I think she's sold on the C for the gorgeous exterior and interior alone so she may also be going to the darkside with me unless the M340 wows her enough over the merc.
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