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Originally Posted by R3dliner View Post
For that price its definitely a decent build. You should have no problems running 60+ FPS on ultra settings. I saw MSI was having a sale on there godlike mobo's for a little bit more. The Samsung 950 pro ssd's are on sale now since the 960's came out as well. My 950 pro is night and day diff from the 850 evo.
This is my first build, so I'm not too familiar with the differences between mobos. I just read a bunch of reviews, and observed that most similar builds on pcpartpicker were using the z170 krait, so I went with that. I've also never had an SSD, so I'm sure the 850 will be a step up from traditional HDs.

Also just ordered an Asus ROG PG278Q monitor (2560x1440, 144Hz, 1ms). G-Sync sounds like a dream (bar the price premium - wtf?), so I'm looking forward to trying that out.

TL;DR: Huge step up from Y50 laptop and 2012 iMac