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Low Beam Failure on Passenger Side

My low beam on my passenger side started to intermittently blink over the last 2 weeks and died on Wednesday.

I assumed since it was flickering first that it was a ballast. So I purchased a ballast, replaced it, and no light. I had a spare D1S, replaced that, and still it did not work.

I checked the new bulb on the passenger side, and it worked fine, so the bulb is OK. I did not check the new ballast on the passenger side, but I will tomorrow. The existing ballast looked fine when I removed it, so I'm leaning towards something else.

My next question: I previously coded out the adaptive headlight function since I got moisture in the headlight due to a bad seal on the light (similar to this stickied thread here. Does anyone know if the control module could impact the light function? Or is it only for adaptive function (which is coded out). I hear these also need to be coded at the dealership (which I want to avoid) but I don't know if I need any of this since I don't have adaptive headlight function anymore.

All the components looked fine when I looked in there. Certainly none of the horror stories you see in the stickied thread with water pouring out or corrosion/char marks.

If the ballast is not the issue, what am I left with? I suppose the cable/connection between the control unit and the D1S, but that seems like a long shot.