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Been a few.

Lots of suspension testing. Some tweaks.

Good durability! Slid wide and tagged the back pass in a dirt bank. Had grass in under the bead and it piped the fuel door open. Nothing is bent.

Running vert springs in the back and m3 shocks still. Seems stiff enough but bouncy. One part left and I'll get the big 911 b6 bilsteins on there see how they fair.

Front is doing ok. Spring is rubbing the tall alum collar making that annoying grown. While I have it apart I will grease it.

Apart bc I am putting he m3 lower front arm on that have spherical inner bearings. Had to grind long inner bushings to fit the width only 1mm.

Also people say the are longer and add camber. NOT MUCH. only 1/8" longer.

Settled out the long travel as the rubber bushings DONT like that much travel. Actually gained 1/2 of bump! 3"bump/4"droop now.

Update after first test drive. - man I can actually feel the ease of front suspension actuation. I get more body roll from the free movement.
I think I can lower the front ride height now some.
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