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Yes, lowering gives you added negative camber, for sure. Former moderator 'mikeo' is not lowered, and we removed our alignment pins at about the same time. He got to -.6 deg with just the alignment pin removal, and sliding the strut over. At the same time, since I was lowered and with the additional slotting, I was at -1.6.

Front the factory, it is supposed to be -.2 to -.3 up front. So, I was wondering if WITH the M3 parts, arrutled is now at -.2 deg?? That means the M3 parts did little for arrutled, if that's where he's at right now.

I agree with ALL that it would be great to have some nice weather on Sunday, and we can grab the camber tool to see where we are all at. Because of the potential for not being level, we normally take a left and right reading, then average.