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OK, So Mike and I just installed the M3 front sway. As opposed to buying endlinks for 100 bucks I bought the 26.5 mm M3 sway for 205 bucks from HP autowerks. Installs easily and does not have the 19mm kink ours has. Weighs the same. The stock bar also does not have the washers to prevent the bushings from moving along the bar and the M3 bar does have these washers. The bushings it comes with are much better engineered and a stiffer rubber. Just install the new brackets facing the correct direction!!!! right mike? Ok, so the test drive you are wondering? Well, first off were some quick turns. I felt much more confident flooring it out of the turn (very noticeable on on ramps as well). At no point was I worried about too much torque oversteer which plagued me last autocross (1 complete 360 and saved another spin luckily both coming out of right sweepers). Secondly was some simulated slaloming. I got up to 50 MPH before I felt any loss of traction. We will see if this is in my head this weekend at autocross! Cheers. No loss in ride quality either!

BTW I have the sway Larry gave me and the bushings to go along with it. If you would like this sway im sure larry wouldnt mind if I passed it along.

AW 135i w/ blackette, performance short shift kit, BMW alarm, Performance rotors, APEX ARC-8 wheels, Direzza Star Spec 235/275, Dinan stage 3 suspension, M3 wishbones/tension rods/front sway/rear subframe bushings and thats all folks!

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