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Originally Posted by Bubbles View Post
I think a lot really liked the 1M, in the same way I loved the N54 when I first got it, until I stumbled upon its limitations.

I think it's a good car, but its not the car for me for the environment and tracks I enjoy. A small cool track with tight curves, I have little doubt the 1M
This probably makes sense but the reality is the 1M will spend 99% of the time on roads and on-ramps, back roads and I think that is what makes it so cool. I ran into this with my wife and her GTI. She REALLY wanted the GTI but kept saying, "what would we do when my parents visit every year (1 week) we should get a minivan and be practical." I see that all the time, people will buy automatics because they might get stuck in traffic or they might have to carry a few extra kids a couple of times a year. I know many out there are in traffic all the time or carpool, but I know so many that buy based on some 1% contingency. In the end, I told my wife 99.9% of the time it's just her and two kids. She got the GTI and is so happy with it. We bought an old minivan for for $3K and use it to go to the snow or when the inlaws visit.

So the point is the M3 might be a better track car, some other "experts" have said so and if that is where it will spend it's time, then get an M3. I want a small nimble back-road warrior with no fluff that is fun below triple digit speeds.