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Originally Posted by Brandon26pdx View Post
All cars loose power at 95* as opposed to 55 or 65*...that's just physics and there's no way around it.

Turbocharged engines have very conservative engine management systems to keep them running safe under all operating conditions. The car will feel slower in hot weather just due to the ECU listening for knock and pulling timing advance accordingly. That's done on purpose to keep the engine from grenading, but it will make the car feel much slower and less sharp than in temps 30-40* cooler.

On a hot track day dumping a 5 gallon drum of 100 oct unleaded would go a long way towards getting the power back. That tends to make the ECU more comfortable to dish out the timing advance again.
Been there and done that, it helps for a bit but no solution to the problem.

Originally Posted by Redadair View Post
So since I didn't get the same results you are claiming about your N54 and the 1M on the track you just discount my time on the Miller Mororsports track as not Actual Track Time?

So far you are the only person to report these issues on the track, including several Magazine reports, I suspect your issue is more about defending your M3 than giving an honest review of the 1M.

Ultimately this is the highest level of flattery for the 1M when the M3 people feel so threatened they stoop to trying to debunk the 1M to avoid any true results that say the 1M is equal to or greater than the M3 at everything, which is what all the Magazines testers are reporting.
No I have no idea who you are and frankly it isn't important to me. If you have never run your current ride hot and lost power, you'll have no problems with the 1M.

Myself and dare I say several others who have experience this well known "heat soak" issue absent meth/water applications will get that all too familiar timing pull. BMW isn't to blame, I would do the same for cars under warranty. My N54 came with the pre 25.5 progman software where it appeared BMW didn't put in such aggressive timing pull. The car would run at the limit constantly until I popped the turbos on a hot day at the track.

I like the car, I don't intend to hurt your feelings or make you doubt your purchase so why don't you wait and see for yourself. I tend the find anyone who is too overzealous holds little credibility.

As far as feeling threatened, I hope the 1M kicks the pants off other cars, but I think everyone should temper their expectations.

As far as attacking track experience, do you remember your statement to me? Let me help you....
Originally Posted by rad doc View Post
Again, the car has not been proven to not be able to deal with heat so we don't have a clue what your talking about. You do not sound like an experienced track veteran so perhaps you should hold that opinion for yourself.
If you like I can show you how to get your ride up to proper temps.

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