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Originally Posted by Redadair View Post
So since I didn't get the same results you are claiming about your N54 and the 1M on the track you just discount my time on the Miller Mororsports track as not Actual Track Time?

So far you are the only person to report these issues on the track, including several Magazine reports, I suspect your issue is more about defending your M3 than giving an honest review of the 1M.

Ultimately this is the highest level of flattery for the 1M when the M3 people feel so threatened they stoop to trying to debunk the 1M to avoid any true results that say the 1M is equal to or greater than the M3 at everything, which is what all the Magazines testers are reporting.
Or perhaps this is the 1M people trying to put their 1M on this pedestal and sit in this world of denial? The world of "Their 1M cannot do no wrong and is perfect." C'mon. EVERY car has their issues. M3 and 1M.... It happens. Just because an M3 driver gave his opinion about the 1M and prefers the M3, doesn't mean he should be Lynched by the 1M Lynch Mob and that HIS results are inconclusive..
Everyone has thier personal preferences and experiences... Leave it be...