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Originally Posted by smellthebeans View Post
I have yet to see the "sign scrubber".
Really? I usually see them all over the place in late May or June. They are busy little beavers. I also like the new LED lane closure(LED-Vorwarntafel) signs the Autobahnmeisterei.

Here are some quick pics I found on the web...

Name:  1024_844492_1566384_4915_3270_11c392_045.jpg
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Name:  1024_715931_1296205_3543_1995_08c969-007.jpg
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old lane closure sign...
Name:  landesbetrieb-strassenbau-und-autobahnmeistereien-19430.jpg
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and the New LED-Vorwarntafel sign... (I only really see these in Bavaria though, especially in the Munich area)
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Name:  landesbetrieb-strassenbau-und-autobahnmeistereien-19431.jpg
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