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Here is an old review from one of the first people to have the suspension

Originally Posted by denial
First off let me thank Dan for great service, prices, and great shipping rates.

I've looked around the forums and realized that there hasn't been a whole lot of feedback with regard to the BMW performance suspension kit. Thought I'd give me 2 cents worth.

I decided to go with the OEM performance setup for several reasons, most of which revolve around the "install it and forget it" design of the OEM parts. I realize that there's many cheaper and likely better options out there. But for once, I really wanted a mild, well thought out setup where the homework was already done that I could just slap on and not worry about it for 50K+ miles.

The install: Well, I actually didn't do it (for once). This is pretty much the first time which I have not done my own labor. I figured because I was buying OEM, I might as well have the dealership install it to maintain full warranty (I install it, they warranty parts not labor; they install it, they warranty parts and labor, per them). Well, I ended up getting raped somehow as they charged me 11 hours worth of labor. Not sure how this happened as they only had the car for a total of 9 hours (including the wash). Will have to give them a call tomorrow concerning the matter.

Visual impression: it looks VERY similar to how it looked before. I scoured the forums only finding 1-2 examples of cars lowered with this kit. I can safely say that the amount lowered is extremely subtle at best. My car does not seem to be nearly as low as the one pictured here in this thread (picture at the bottom). I do notice how the roof line is lower than before, but the wheel gaps look extremely similar. I even took before and after photos...I'm not even going to bother posting the before photos. I mean, maybe it's the lighting but I honestly can't tell much of a difference. Dissappointing to tell you the truth.

Handling impression: This will just be a quick impression as I have only driven the car from the dealership back to the home front. I guess this is more anecdotal than anything. I always drive with all the traction control off, leaving only the e-diff. That being said there's a slight increase in noticeable stiffness. Bumps are more prominent which, to me, translates to increased feedback. Body roll has significantly decreased, and turn in is much sharper. Taking my favorite switch back on the way home I noticed the car was able to transition very smoothly. I use to feel like I'd have to muscle the car into the second portion of the S, that there wasn't much grace within the transition. But now the car is much more well behaved, remains flat, slides and rotates on throttle. The S opens to a straightaway which then transitions into a hard off cambered left turn. The car just remains flat. Turn in is crisp, the tail comes out easily over the off cambered turn. I counter steer, feather the gas, at the tail snaps back into behavior. Overall very good improvement. I believe that the car should have behaved like this in stock form.

Finally, the pictures:
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