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It sounds like you are looking for a quick and easy process that still takes good care of your new vehicle. I can help tailor a solution that best meets your needs. Below are some suggestions I have but we can adjust this as needed so don't hesitate to provide some feedback on how we can best help you out.

Washing and Drying
Washing and drying is where most swirls come from so I suggest refining your process by using the two bucket method, if you are not already. For detailed instructions check out the washing and drying section of our detailing guide. As for products we have two kits which are outstanding and a good value.

DI Packages Washing and Drying Basic Kit

DI Packages Washing and Drying Starter Package

Clay Bar
A clay bar helps deep clean the paint and even new vehicles have plenty of contaminants. It's not a must but it's a great way to ensure you are starting off with a clean surface. It is a pretty easy and safe way to deep clean the surface that we recommend doing 1 - 2 times per year. Here are two outstanding deals on a clay bar and clay lube:

DI Packages DI Clay Bar and Clay Lube Combo

DI Packages Ultra Fine Clay Bar + PBW Spray & Wipe (clay lube)

For durable protection we recommend a quality sealant. For a fast and efficient application I'm going to recommend you select one of three products listed below and I'll highlight the main differences between them.

1. Blackfire Wet Diamond with Polycharger
This sealant is a traditional sealant as it provides extremely durable protection with a great shine. It's very easy to use and it's easily one of my favorite products for both shine and protection.

2. Optimum (OPT) Poli-Seal
Arguably the best value on the market as a $15.99 gets you 32oz of a premium sealant. This sealant is referred to as an AIO (All In One) because it contains a bit of cleaner and sealant in one formula. It will help remove oxidation and stains on the surface while protecting and enhancing the shine. It does two steps in one while providing awesome results! It also applies and removes with ease so it's a great choice!

3. Optimum (OPT) Opti-Seal
This is the fastest way to apply strong protection. It's not quite as durable as the other two options but it still providing months, not weeks, of protection. For the application spray it on the supplied applicator or directly on the paint and then spread it nice and thin and you are done. It dries clear so no removal is needed, you can't really get any faster than that. It also looks great and will repel moisture, contaminants, etc.

As always we offer 10% off to forum members with the coupon code 10offBMW1, however it does not apply to kits, sale items and tools. If you have any questions please let me know I'd be happy to help!

Greg @ DI