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Originally Posted by jc_lbc View Post
Looks like my GF bought me some Chemical Guys stuff for my birthday! She's been paying attention. So I've now got a couple wash buckets with shampoo, mits, and grit guards along with some quick detailer, a clay bar package, some applicators and a nice stack of heavy micro towels. Sweet! Don't have the sealant though... the Optimum (OPT) Opti-Seal sounds right up my alley. Would you put a wax over that or just seal and go? Would you recommend claying the car before doing either? Not sure if I really need to clay my brand new car or not—there really shouldn't be much in the paint at this point.
Glad to hear your gf already got you some quality products. The Optimum (OPT) Opti-Sealcan be used by itself or you can layer a wax on top of it. The Optimum (OPT) Car Wax is a great option here if interested. Either method will work just fine. I do recommend using a clay bar before that even on brand new paint. You'll be amazed how much you can remove with it. Then protect it with the Optimum (OPT) Opti-Seal and you'll be all set. Let me know if you have any other questions.