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Originally Posted by Clean WHP View Post
wow, super clean and impressive stuff as always!

at 20-23PSI on a 6062 and E50/E60, My best educated guess would say that should give you around 560-600 WHP. Im surprised you don't want to turn it up a bit more!

Don't get me wrong, that is a great amount of power and would fit your car brilliantly with it being a daily driver. Also the other upgrades all around would keep things nice and balanced at that point, but on the other hand I couldn't imagine investing all the money are the manifold, Port Injection controller/fueling, Stage 3 LPFP, and many other things for just around that power level.

Turn it up to 25-26PSI and milk out about 650WHP or so from that set up!! Im sure everything would be perfectly happy to do so

I know we all have different goals, but for 20-23 PSI on an E85 blend with a 6062, I would probably have done a single shotgun or a slightly bigger turbo to possibly make that power on just LPFP upgrade and stock DI

When I get PI and my VIE kit dialed in, I plan to push 26-27PSI on the 66mm Garrett on full E85, looking for 680-700WHP, so I decided the PI investment will be worth my while. Although I was considering a more simple set up with a single shotgun + E85 blend before that, the deciding factor against the shotgun was that my WHP goals are just slightly more than I think it is capable of, otherwise I think in a lower HP application its a great route to take
Yes, been very excited to get my fueling pieces in order. It's really the last thing standing between this car and making serious daily drivable power. In all honesty, I'd be completely content with 560-600WHP on E50. That's always been the end goal of this build. I'm all for pushing limits, but as I've always touched on, I'd rather have longevity while I still use the car everyday. But you're also right, I'll have the ability to turn it up to higher boost if I want, maybe for a dyno day or something special. I feel like if I've built the car for 700WHP and running it at 575WHP, I may save myself some headache while still having a brutally fast daily.

I considered the single shotgun, but the reviews I read were not very flattering. Most people had to modify their kits, had pieces fail, etc. I know they've revised them recently, and it seems a lot of people are opting to go the double route, but I also don't want to be swapping out HPFPs all the time. And I like the idea of PI if controlled correctly. A bigger turbo would have flowed even more air, requiring more fuel, at the same boost, so not sure that would have helped me hit the numbers with no extra fueling either. Especially with a weak HPFP, which is what I think is happening.

What PI setup are you coupling with your new single setup?
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